Horizon Medical Services Ltd. services everything we sell… and then some. Below is a list of our most common areas for service requests. Note: Our capabilities are not limited to the list presented here. For servicing of medical equipment not listed, please contact us.

Most common service requests involve:

We offer a variety of Service Plan Agreements to eliminate customer downtime and to ensure the ultimate service within their budgets. Plans can range from full, comprehensive 24/7 coverage including glassware, to simply supporting your in-house engineers with ‘call-as-you-need-us’ time and material.

Our business relationships allow us to provide the highest quality parts in the most cost-effective and timely manner. We also provide a wide array of bio-med training, technical support, and consultation services. For more information or to secure a Service Plan that will ensure your facility is always running at top speed, contact us today.

Sales & Installation

For every product Horizon sells, we create drawings, consult with your staff, and train to meet expectations.

System Upgrades

It is often possible to improve existing equipment with a DR retrofit and other additional features.

Maintenance & Parts

Our goal is to keep your equipment operating all the time. Maintenance service plans are available.

Horizon Medical has a wealth of knowledge and expertise just waiting to assist you. Our experienced sales professionals are specialists in analyzing our customers’ needs and helping them find the right equipment or accessories to complement their clinical requirements. Because we sell equipment from industry's most reputable manufacturers, every member of our sales team is very knowledgeable on HorizonVISTA, Canon, Hitachi, Stephanix and Sedecal to name just a few. Whether you need components, a system retrofit, a complete system upgrade, accessories, or peripheral products, our seasoned sales people are here to help. Simply contact us to get started.

Since Horizon is always bringing you the latest technology our web site may not reflect the latest offering.

Please note that not all medical devices found on our supplier web sites are available for sales in Canada.

System Integration

  • Customized solutions meet specific needs
  • Coordinating premium products from multiple vendors
  • Utilizing the latest software
  • Ensuring all components work together
  • Cost-effective solutions with maximum capabilities

Please contact our sales team to hear about our latest offering and to verify that the devices you need are Health Canada Approved.

Technology is constantly changing. In the medical field, advancements are continuously being made to update products and improve their efficiency, refine capabilities, and most importantly enhance patient safety. Whether you require a complete, customized system with multiple components or a single piece of equipment - Horizon Medical Services can meet your needs.

Improving efficiency
Make your departments more flexible by adding equipment with better features. For example, add a tilting function to your wall bucky; replace a stationary table with an elevating table; change your fixed CTM to a motorized CTM; or add AEC with anatomical programming.

Refine capabilities
Bring your X-Ray department into the 21st Century with Digital Radiography. Upgrade your existing system to with the Canon CXDI-31G, 40EG, or 50G for superior imaging and reliability.

Enhance patient safety
Change generators. Today's newest generators deliver substantial power with lower patient radiation doses. And products like our MRIs offer open concept designs to improve patient comfort and relieve claustrophobic affects.

For more information on how Horizon Medical can help upgrade a system or individual components, please contact us.

System Upgrades

  • Upgrade a variety of modalities
  • Easily change your present system to digital X-Ray
  • With single components or entire systems
  • Enhance patient care and safety
  • Increase workplace efficiency

Case Study #1
Upgrade your generator - These high-frequency, easy-to-use, and reliable generators are easily upgradeable to DR.

Case Study #2
Easily upgrade your present system with Canon DR. Without major work, you can upgrade a current system with one, two, or three plates. Simply replace an existing bucky with a Canon 40EG or a 50G, with docking station, to convert your existing room to DR. No modifications are required to the rest of the system.

Case Study #3
Replace your aging components with DR ready components to reduce maintenance.

Horizon Medical Services offers complete servicing for all of our new or refurbished products and software. Whether you’re in need of a tune-up or repair, you may take advantage of our fastest method of requesting service through this website. Our own advanced software will allow you to quickly access our server to complete your request. It will direct your service request to the appropriate department, as well as keep track of all service responses, additional problems, and resolutions. To get started, simply click on the link below. Please remember to have your Horizon Medical Service ID Tag available.

Horizon Medical distributes and services a diverse range of products for different modalities, including digital X-Ray, nuclear medicine, ultrasound, CT, and MRI applications. Perhaps the most important product or service we can offer is the ability to individually customize and integrate solutions within a hospital or clinic. We have the ability to coordinate premium equipment and software from multiple vendors to create tailor-made systems that meet specific requirements of our customers. Our professional service staff is trained to ensure that all components within a system are compatible and delivers cost-effectiveness and provides maximum capabilities.

Horizon Medical Services Ltd. can help you maintain your valuable equipment investments. More importantly, we can help you stay within your budget. One of the advantages of being in the medical supply business for nearly three decades is the relationship we’ve formed with other suppliers. So, when buying new isn’t an option, turn to us and our extensive roster of parts, both new and refurbished, for brand name systems. If we don’t have the parts you need in stock, we can get them.

Plus, if you’re in need of repairs, call us. We’ll visit onsite to assess your equipment status and then we’ll provide a quote for repairs. Once approved, we’ll source the needed parts and in a timely manner, one of our factory-trained professional field service engineers will install it – all at a fraction of the cost you would expect.

We provide parts and repairs for a wide range of departments, including bio-medical supplies. Plus, we’ll work with your bio-med department to help with training and enhance your service.

For more information on bio-med training, ordering parts or supplies, or obtaining a quote on repairs, please contact us immediately.

Sales, Installation & Applications

For every product Horizon sells, we create drawings, consult with your staff, and train to meet expectations.

System Upgrades

It is often possible to retain your existing investment and improve it with additional features.

Preventative Maintenance

Our goal is to keep your equipment operating all the time. Maintenance service plans are available.

Online Reporting (STATS)

Horizon is accountable to our customers, we offer a comprehensive computerized service tracking and reporting system.


A wide inventory and orderable parts is available to your bio-med department

Remote Connections

Whenever possible, our skilled engineers will resolve problems remotely by connecting to your system using Teamviewer.

Test Equipment

We have and sell a wide variety of X-Ray test equipment, including Dosimeters

H.A.R.P. / RED Act Testing

Our competent staff will arrange and perform required Accreditation Testing.

Canada Wide Reach

We will service your equipment anywhere in Canada, and beyond.