The general radiographic systems Horizon VISTA URS and URSV are designed to give the maximum flexibility and clinic productivity, including a great range of possible studies for Trauma applications, thorax, urology, abdomen, urgencies, enabling AP/PA, lateral exposures on a rotatable table and even projections.

The total integrated system combines modern technology of the High Frequency X-Ray Generator with the Flat Panel technology for Direct Digital Acquisition; all designed to give an user-friendly operator system and easy positioning of the patient, thanks to the fully motorized system with variable SID and anti-collision systems.

Additional features include:

  • Sturdy wall and floor-mounted support column with counterbalanced swivel arm for effortless, accurate setting
  • Swivel arm has a height adjustment of 1,130 mm and range of rotation of ±135º
  • Tilting bucky with range of tilt of ±90º
  • Bucky unit has cassette holder and Bucky (max. cassette size: 14" X 17" (35 cm x 43 cm)) or Digital Detector 14" X 17" or 17" X 17"
  • Flat locking rails for accessories
  • Source-image distance (SID) is 100-200 cm and continuously adjustable (manually)
  • Electromagnetic (24 V DC) and manual brakes
  • Grid is 103 lines / Ratio 10:1 / f0 = 150 cm Other grids can be used if required
  • X-Ray tube can turn 360º with angle digital reading and automatic locks at 0º, 90º, 180º, 270º
  • Patient table measures (L x W x H) 79" x 26" x 28" (200 cm x 65 cm x 70 cm)
  • Compression band device
  • Head support

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