D²RS RF Room


Unique Functionalities & Unrivalled Advantages


D²RS is a remote controlled table fitted with the latest generation of Canon flat panel detector. This multi-purpose system is a 100% DR solution. It is for a wide range of clinical applications.

Dynamic, portable and removable flat panel detector:
The Canon flat panel detector allows fluoroscopy and radiography exams when inserted in the table.

To maximize ergonomics, each anatomic protocol allows remote control table positioning.


Dose reduction:
An integrated video camera and virtual collimation allow radiation-free patient positioning.

Smart access:
Unique to the D²RS, a 120 cm section of the table top is within clear access. Patients arriving on a trolley or in a bed can be effortlessly transferred onto the tabletop.

Unmatched patient coverage:
The table design allows imaging from head to foot without moving the patient.

Automatic image stitching allows full spine and leg imaging.

When used in portable mode, projections, such as skyline patellar and standing feet can be acquired.

  • Productivity: D²RS has patient flow management.
  • Performance: D²RS has advanced functions.
  • Convenience: The D²RS ensures patient comfort.