Horizon VISTA M Floor Tube Mount

The Horizon Vista M is an affordable general purpose radiographic system with freedom of movement and multiple configurations for a wide range of table, wall stand, wheel chair and stretcher examinations. Its solid design ensures outstanding reliability even in the most ddemanding environments, such as hospitals and private offices.

The ergonomically designed console handle along with motion assisted counterbalancing allows easy positioning with flexibility and functionality to accurately position the tube for optimal diagnostic results in all radiographic procedures.

The wall stand is available in either left-hand or right-hand load configurations with a reciprocating bucky (optional) and an Ion Chamber for A.E.C. (optional).

The tube stand of the Horizon Vista M can be easily moved and rotated so that the positioning for lateral exposures is very fast and accurate

The Tube Stand is floor mounted and freestanding. All movements are controlled at the front of the control arm by the operator control panel which includes the lock control switches. These lock control switches control the longitudinal, tube rotation, and vertical column lock release. There is an angulation dial on the front of the control panel to indicate the X-Ray tube angle.

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