Mobile X-Ray

Horizon VISTA Mobile X-Ray Unit

The Horizon VISTA mobile X-Ray unit is a "Rad room on wheels". This unit combines a compact high-performance with superior imaging capabilities. These mobile units are user-friendly and easy to maneuver because they are motor-driven to handle all gradients within a hospital. The independently driven wheels ensure that the mobile can be placed in any position easily and the single cantilever arms have a long reach to move over patients and minimize any discomfort. These units are available with DR detectors.

There is a variety of Horizon VISTA Mobile X-Ray Units available from 20 to 50 KW. These units have the same features, but different imaging capabilities.

Features include:

  • The world's smallest 20 to 50 kW generator (offering 150 kV, 500 mAs, and 500 mA imaging)
  • Articulated arm for easy patient positioning.
  • Independently driven motorized wheels
  • Standard connection for bucky
  • Remote hand switch (optional)
  • Battery mAs capacity: 0.1 -500 mAs
  • Constant Potential kW ratings
  • Line Voltage range 120 Volts Single Phase
  • Focal spots 0.3/ 1.0 or 0.6 / 1.2
  • Weight 470 kg or 485 kg

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