Horizon VISTA F Floor Tube Mount

The Horizon Vista F is our All Purpose Radiographic System. It is counter balanced, like most of our systems, to provide smooth vertical movement. For exposures with the bucky stand, the tube column can be moved beyond the table either on the right or left-hand side. On either side, the vertical range of movement of the tube assembly provides a minimum source-to-floor distance of only 40 cm. This tube stand can easily be turned and moved providing very convenient adjustments for lateral exposures.

The minimum height of the elevating table allows easy and fast positioning on table-top for any kind of patient: child, elderly or handicapped.

By pressing one button, the operator can lock lateral and longitudinal table - top motion - a light will alert the user that the movement is locked.

A safety anticollision system during downward movement of the table avoids accidents when an object is encountered in its path.

The “floating” table-top has a very large range of longitudinal and transversal movements. By pressing the foot switches, the electromagnetic brakes are released for all directions.

The Horizon VISTA F system is available in multiple configurations ( Manual, AutoTracking, AutoPositioning)

The Bucky tray, which can be operated with one hand, has a wide longitudinal movement in addition to the large scope of table top movement. The integrated automatic exposure control (optional) permits exposures of high image quality and prevents incorrect exposures.

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