X-Ray Test Equipment



The unique USB-stick based dosimeter / kVp-meter / multimeter for all types of X-Ray units Measures simultaneously:
  • kVp
  • Dose
  • Dose Rate
  • Time / Pulses
  • Dose Rate
  • Total Filtration

Mammo AT

Anthropomorphic tissue equivalent phantom The outer cover is simulating fatty tissue and the objects are simulating micro calcifications, fibrous calcifications in ducts and tumor masses in glandular tissue, can be used for CR / DR mammography.


Test device DIGI-13

Quality control tests for all types of CR and DR radiographic systems (homogeneity, spatial and contrast resolution, alignment of light field and X-Ray field, artifacts) according to DIN 6868-13. Basic copper plate, 1 mm, with a dynamic step wedge, low contrast objects, resolution test, marked areas for signal standardization and homogeneity check, alignment marks.

QA Radchex

The QA Radchex is ideal for use by QA personnel to periodically check and document the performance of the CR system and to compare CR to film/screen systems to achieve desired ALARA objectives. The service and biomedical engineers can use the meter to initially calibrate and troubleshoot the CR plate reader, AEC, and density selector settings and chamber balance. Physicists can use the instrument to assess the performance of CR systems for compliance to clinical system speed objectives and patient dose.
QA Radchex is designed to work with all major brands of CR equipment.


The QA MAMCHEX is a factory X-Ray-calibrated NIST/PTB traceable meter that can be used for CR Mammo manufacturers’ or hospitals custom quality assurance programs. In addition, the instrument can be used to: 1) Assess, calibrate, and balance Mammo CR plate readers throughout a department; 2) Assess and calibrate automatic exposure control (AEC) sensitivity and density control settings; 3) assess the operating speed of the CR system; and 4) be used as a daily and long-term indicator of the X-Ray and CR system ‘calibration drift’.


The new MAS-5 intelligent meter uses a microcontroller to analyze the digital mA waveform and display accurate values essential for analyzing and calibrating radiographic and mammographic equipment.
The MAS-5 displays three 50 millisecond mA waveform samples so that radiographic and mammographic pre-heat circuits can be analyzed and adjusted without using an oscilloscope. Based on feedback from field service engineers, the MAS-5 also has a button that when pushed causes the meter to include/exclude the first 10 milliseconds of the mA waveform.

Test device VISI-X

For checking the light and radiation field coincidence on X-Ray equipment. The VISI-X can also be used for checking the centering of the bucky tray.

KermaX® plus TinO DDP

KermaX® plus TinO DDP Rectangular, transparent ionization chamber with integrated electronics and a "Dual Line Display" with two very bright LED display lines indicating either DAP / DAP-rate and exposure time or dose/dose rate; printer interface.
This unit can be easily adapter to your existing collimator.

DR Radchex Plus

First DR Quality Assurance system with embedded imaging objects. It produces dose & image values simultaneously with one exposure. Assure consistent quality of DR systems.• Identifies out-of-tolerance data & tracks calibration drift for DR Imaging Systems
  • Used for dose & image calibration and assessment
  • Cuts imaging system downtime and saves money
  • Meets and maintains ALARA dose goals
  • Assures consistent quality images over time
  • Assures consistent tube output, AEC, & image detector efficiency (DQE)
  • Used on all DR & CR X-Ray static and dynamic imaging systems
  • Quick, inexpensive, simple and multi-professional use
  • Technologists, Engineers, Physicists & State Inspectors can identify & track key metrics and indicators of image quality & dose