Horizon VISTA Nova Ceiling Tube Mounted Support

Horizon Vista Nova offer you a versatile CTM that can be configured for Manual, AutoTracking or AutoPositioning.

The Horizon VISTA NOVA (CTM) is designed to accommodate consistent use throughout departments with high patient volumes. Its telescoping column with expansive overhead horizontal and transverse tracks offers complete flexibility and virtually unlimited imaging potential. This CTM has an optimum ceiling height of 9' so that even standing knees on children can be easily managed.

Additional features include:

  • Effortless positioning
  • Expansive overhead horizontal and transverse tracks for complete flexibility
  • Easily accomplishes off-table, cross-table, and wall stand views
  • Motorized SID, AutoTracking, AutoPositioning
  • Operator handgrip with multi-function switches for assembly positioning and a digital display for system navigation
  • Cable concealment and management system

Other models are also available, please contact us for further information.