Computerized Tomography

For over 30 years, Horizon Medical Services has provided complete CT service to a wide variety of makes and models. Conveniently, we are able to package a service plan based on your service and budget requirements. This allows us to best meet your particular needs.


Advancing the technology of Computed Tomography for over 30 years, Hitachi is a recognized innovator of lower dose, high diagnostic value CT solutions.

Today, the latest in 64-slice technology is packaged into a complete and fully capable system - SCENARIA.

SCENARIA delivers dose efficiencies, superb image quality and enhanced workflow to meet the needs of a wider range of imaging environments.

SCENARIA simultaneously acquires 64-slices in a fast 0.35-second scan time enabling shorter breath-holds and reduced patient motion artifacts without compromising image quality. Submillimeter slices optimize fine detail images for small lesion and vessel assessment. And the advanced technology in SCENARIA facilitates your selection of optimum protocols for high image quality with lower dose acquisition.

Horizon CT Systems For Sale

For both hospitals and veterinarian practices, Horizon Medical Services Ltd. has an extensive network of suppliers for refurbished equipment as well as parts, peripherals, and accessories. If you’re considering an equipment upgrade, ask us how we can save you money.

In addition to a wide range of payment and leasing options, Horizon Medical offers generous trade in allowances and pays top dollar for previously enjoyed equipment. Horizon Medical Services can  also supply you with a mobile system so you can provide uninterrupted service during the installation of your upgrade.

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