Horizon Medical Services is proud to be partnered with UltraRay Medical products, an industry leader in the field of radiation protection.

Ultraray Medical offers a wide array of custom radiation shielding products & radiation protective clothing including lead aprons, lead vests, lead gloves, lead glasses, thyroid collars, lead apron racks & more.

UltraRay products undergo stringent testing by an independent 3rd party to ensure all products comply with Safety Code Legislation.

From half aprons to full frontal coverage, UltraRay's revolutionary products offer the ultimate protection against radiation and are 30% lighter than traditional lead aprons for greater patient comfort!

Sizes range from S to XL, and custom sizes fitted to size. We also offer customized names and logos to make your aprons truly unique for your various X-Ray departments.

In most cases, 21 fashion colors & 14 apron options are available as well . All of these products have a 2-year warranty.

For additional sizes and styles not shown here, please contact us for further information.